Always on the move

Science and wine

After Mike’s fantastic presentation at CREA, we had the incredible visit of researchers from Donja Gorica University, Podgorica, Montenegro and INTI Argentina. 

We toured Costaflores and they told us about Trace Windu: a project that aims to improve the productivity of the vineyards and create an innovative system capable of certifying the origin of the wine and the quality of the bottle delivered to the consumer. Sounds familiar? We hope to continue exchanging ideas and collaborating together on this path full of technology, science and wine!

We also welcomed students from the International Trade degree at Aconcagua University, Mendoza, Argentina, to the vineyard. As they are using Costaflores – OpenVino as a case study on the subject, we talked non-stop until almost the end of the afternoon. Of course, the must-see was the platform…

It is a great pleasure for us to assist students who wish to learn from our projects. On October 14, Mike also presented an in depth description of the OpenVino project to participants in the IAE EMBA (Executive MBA) program.

From everyone at our beloved Costaflores and OpenVino, we thank you all for listening and learning.

What does Mars have to do with all of these?

Another one of Mike’s passions is space exploration and so, slightly removed from the world of wine, we also recently sponsored The Mars Society Argentina in the NASA International Space Apps Challenge. 

This hackathon was held on October 1 and 2 in Mendoza, Argentina. The participants had to choose one among many challenges and submit a proposal. The mentors of the event happily took their bottles of MTB*. Don’t forget to mint those NFTs!

A visit from friends

Another highlight from October was a visit from the Kleros team where we enjoyed a delicious lunch executed by Santos, our viticulturist and chef. Additional entertainment was provided by Santos’ son, Yamil, who joined with friends in full costume to demonstrate Salay, a traditional Bolivian folk dance.

To finish the day, the platform awaited us with MTB* and a beautiful spring sunset. Thank you Santos, Yolanda and Yamil, for a wonderful day! Kleros, we look forward to hosting you again soon!